Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Madness @ Work!

FNG's status here at work has been downgraded. Conversations about him have degraded from "So Dumbass _______" to "Fucking Numbnuts _______"

(where _______ is the latest thing he did).

He was screwing up at one assignment, so he was given another. He said he could do IT stuff, so he was set to building computers. He got 3 out in a full 8-hour shift. That would be, 3x $40 computers.

Okay, so one of our guys bought one. He went to have a peek under the hood and found that . . . the case was super-glued shut. No mention of this in the ad, of course. Our man who bought this one was perturbed, but happy that we didn't get a nuclear-negative feedback comment from some unsuspecting eBay customer. He went and looked at another of those PCs and showed WM that it appears to have been taped shut.

Just wow. WM must really like this guy for him to still be around this long. We'll see how long this one lasts. . . Company Owner #1 was there when the superglue was discovered. . . .

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