Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great, Another Money Black Hole

#1 and #2 have been in basic gymnastics training for a while now, and #2 is getting bored with the lack of challenge caused by the need to keep pace with the slowest learner in class. I have been looking all evening for a local Aikido dojo in which to enroll him (and probably his sister as well). Wouldn't you know that Aikido training STARTS at twice as expensive as gymnastics?

Well anyhow, that's why no blogging: busy looking for another way to empty my wallet more quickly!


ASM826 said...

I don't know what gymnastics costs, but our aikido dojo is $60.00 a month, which covers the regular classes, 3 nights a week, 2 hours class.

Vote For David said...

That is about what I am finding around here, give or take a little. Plus annual fees, plus fees for the national organization, plus the cost of the underwear (which recurs rather quickly for a growing boy).

Then there is the matter of getting him to class, which almost must to be after I get off work, and some of the local dojos are clear across Austin from us.

Then, before you know it, I'm going to want to get back on the mat myself and all the costs at least double.

But it's all moot until I find the right dojo.