Thursday, April 28, 2011

The World: Gone Mad!

A couple of random Chinese tourists were walking around in UK and heard sumdood singing Kung Fu Fighting in a pub. They were offended at this blatant racism, summoned the Police, and the singer was arrested.

Superman (the comic book hero) says (in the cartoon) he's tired of being perceived as a tool of the government and renounces his US Citizenship

A surgeon at the top of his field (President of the American College of Surgeons, inventor, super-genius and possibly a huge stud) makes a passing reference to a scientific study and is forced to resign. The study says having unprotected sex makes women less depressed, and is Actual Legitimate Science, but apparently the chicks at Surgery News need to [content redacted] a little more and maybe lighten up a little. Bonus points to this story for legitimate use of the term richly vascularized vagina

(only one link was provided for three stories, because let's be honest - you were clicking on vagina regardless, so why bother putting a link to a comic book or a police arrest story?)

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