Friday, April 22, 2011

Pastor Does Not Speak, Still Achieves Goal!

We all know that since Mohammed made it up, insulting islam is a capitol (read: they kill you for it) offense. So some people are afraid of mentioning that radical islamists would like to take over and destroy our current government and replace it with one incompatible with both United States tradition and Christianity.

Not this guy. He may be a bit abrasive but he believes his message is worth rubbing people the wrong way.

So he wanted to speak across the street from the biggest mosque in the country. He and one other man. The local authorities got their panties in a twist and told him he had to post a Peace Bond because a sheet of paper will stop a riot right there on the spot. He refused, went to court, and was JAILED until he obeyed the court order to pay the $1. A Jury said him TALKING would pose a threat to peace*.

In my opinion: It is His Right to stand on public property and peaceably speak. He is being oppressed.

  • If a media circus develops when he speaks, is it his fault? No, it is the fault of the people who show up.
  • If violence breaks out, is it his fault? No, it is the fault of the perpetrators of the violence.
  • If he gets shot? Well I guess that pretty well proves he is right.
The fun part is, he wanted to call attention to his point: radical islamists want to institute sharia in the USA. If they had ignored him down at City Hall, about five passers-by would have heard his message. Now EVERYONE watching the news has both heard his message and seen how the local government and citizenry cower in fear before the mighty intimidation of islam. Unless they watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. in which case they likely saw that a crazy person was forbidden from intentionally causing a murderous riot.
"Mr. Jones has been made as a martyr for free speech" -Dawud Walid, Excecutive Director, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Michigan chapter

The mouthpiece for an unindicted co-conspirator in terrorist attacks in the name of islam agrees with Pastor Jones? Yes, but for a slightly different reason. Walid says they should have let him talk to prove to the world that there would have been no riots in Darborn. But now the world will never know. What we know instead is that everyone is afraid even to mention that we are afraid of moslems killing people for saying words that go against them. If islamists were as harmless as Christians tend to be, this would not have been a problem. At all, ever.


You can't yell fire in a crowded theater. It is illegal because one expects the moviegoers will stampede for the door. What does it say about islam that it is illegal for this man to calmly speak about the radical side of that "religion?"

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