Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Releases Birth Certificate! (?)

The Official From-the-horse's-mouth Birth Certificate has been issued forth from the throne of his highness the Obama. I leave it in more capable hands to see if this one is as genuine as the last one they acknowledged as genuine. Perhaps the forgery is good enough to be accepted. Perhaps it is real. What is beyond question is that, barring some very convincing disclosure of this certificate being fraudulent, this issue is settled. Several million dollars later and several years too late, but it is settled. Feel free to insert jokes about slow shipping from the Mexican document forgery house at this time.

Do you really believe it VFD? You'll lay off now?

Unless it comes out as a verifiable fake, then yes I believe it. The timing even fits his massive ivory tower ego. During the campaign last time none of his handlers let him know this was a problem, and he did not release the certificate. Until he began to campaign again, it remained not only not a problem for President Obama, it was a useful distraction from the Socialism he was cramming down our throats. But NOW! Now, you see, he is running for the Presidency again. And, critically, he is possibly going to be facing down one of the richest, most famous men in the country, and THAT guy is calling attention to the "birther" controversy. This issue is costing the Dear President in the polls! It is hurting his numbers! Quick, do something! Demonize him! Wait, that didn't work. Release the form then! Release it! Make the issue go away!!!1!

And theeeere you have it. When it becomes an apparent political (let alone morals!) necessity, the certificate comes out. The Donald is justifiably proud at having forced this move.


One of the local talk show callers said now Trump needs to push for John Kerry to release his 1st DD-214. The one that shows if or not he was dishonorably discharged and therefore a Felon
As well as why he has an illegal upgrade to a very-high award on his published DD214
And why he is supposedly authorized FOUR combat stars on his Vietnam Service Medal despite being present for only TWO combat campaigns . . . as stated on the extremely-unusual Form DD215 attached to his record.

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