Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well, When You Put It That Way

The government of the United States, under the pretext of preventing guns going to Mexico, allowed guns to go to Mexico and into the hands of narco-terrorists. Hundreds (thousands?) of people died, and that includes two US Federal agents, by being shot with these guns.

Now there is an investigation. The BATFE is stonewalling as always, but Darrell Issa is not going to blink. I knew it was bad, but then Vanderboegh raised the point and he is right:

If the feds allow straight-up felonies and murder, and nothing happens to the "law enforcement agents" responsible, what use is the current system of government? We get 50% of our money taken in taxes to do things in the least efficient way possible, and they can't even not MURDER people? SRSLY? What use is a ballot box if this is what comes out the other side? Every. Single. Time.

One more reason we may not survive even the first term of an Obama Presidency. A second would have at least even odds of destroying the country in a way even the audience of American Idle would understand.

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