Thursday, April 28, 2011

That Didn't Take Long. Birth Cert is an Obvious Bad Fake.

The Birth Certificate the President at long-last produced? The one I said yesterday I would believe until it was proved a fake? This one ( .pdf file)?

The certificate presented the other day and (as yet) still available for public download was clearly, drastically edited and left in an editable state when they posted the image as a .pdf document. As someone who uses does image editing work all day every day, let me tell you this is NOT a requirement for saving a scan of a photocopy.

The way it is very clearly altered makes this not only a forgery but a bad job of one at that. Click the link in the last sentence, click the .pdf file link, and zoom in for yourself. See if you don't find what he saw, on the original. This is not a lone kook saying this . . . there are at least two kooks with professional image software on their computers imagining the same thing. That second kook has a video showing you what you would never see if a) this were a skillful forgery or b) you didn't have Illustrator on your computer. It's 3 mintues, go ahead and watch it. If you have 10 minutes more, here is another fellow who went down a slightly different rabbit hole and shot a video showing beyond a doubt in a different way that this document was clearly altered.

Besides which, it LOOKS like it was edited, even at a glance, to a novice. Look at the image at I linked at the top of this post. Why does all the lettering have a white halo around it? Look at the left side of the page - why does the background fade to dark as if a book had been scanned, then brighten up to fill the screen? It has CLEARLY at least been taken from a simple scan and pasted on this background. WHY THE [deleted] would they do that? Why not just present a straight image of the Official Photocopy of The Document for the world to see*? Why did they alter the document presented for public release?

*if, in fact, such a document exists.

Registrar is U K L Lee: Playing a ukelele in hawaii, get it? Funny, right? Haha, joke's on America we pawned off a fake birth certificate! Take that, Trump!

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