Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Regarding Muslim People

VFD, how do you feel about muslims? You talk about them alot, but what do you really think?

I love them, just like Jesus does. And I wish they would change to a religion that does not send them to Hell for eternity. When it comes to temporal affairs where the rubber meets the road, I have no problem with 99.73% of the people who call themselves moslems in America because they are (according to their prophet) Hypocrites. They are worse than the infidel, according to Mohammed.

Wait, what?

Mohammed invented islam. He says he was visited by an angel of God. Having read through the Koran, the Sunnah, and the Hadith, as well as the Bible, I can say categorically that the God of the Bible and the alleged god of the Quran are NOT the same person. If I know someone named John and you also know someone named John, but my fellow is short, fat, black, and balding and your fellow is tall, trim, white, and has a lush head of blonde hair, are they the same guy? Yes, if the god of the koran is the God of the Bible. Mohammed invented islam, and then gathered an army to fight under the banner of his god. He led dozens of war raids against peaceful neighboring cities because they had money and other assests that he wanted. He was a murderer and a leader of murderers. He had a wife who was NINE years old, and others who were taken after their husbands were murdered; he was a rapist. He took the goods belonging to other people from towns and caravans he raided; he was a THIEF. He invented a religion that was false, and said it was alright for his followers to lie to promote the cause; he was a LIAR.

THAT guy is the ideal example of how a moslim should live their life, according to islam. If you claimed to believe in allah but did NOT go out on Jihad with him, he said you were an hypocrite and worse than an infidel. They were going out to kill the infidel, so you can imagine he had a pretty low opinion of those who claimed to be islamic but did not go out and "do likewise." It should be very little surprise then, that around the world where children are trained to read so they can read the koran, and they memorize that book and are brainwashed to believe it, we have wars ongoing where in every case one of the sides is islamic.

But in America they don't fight the infidel (much). They don't preach hate against their neighbors (much). Mostly, if you meet a muslim in America, he will be just as nice a person as the next random name in the phone book. THESE people are Hypocrites to Islam. The faitful muslims on the planes on 9/11 had no problem killing any "hypocrite" muslims who may have been in the Twin Towers because they were just as much "fair game" as the rest of the infidels. If someone wears a veil, it says nothing about them but that they are modest. Even the hijab, arguably a derogatory cultural "feature" is no cause for alarm. Your "moslem" neighbor you have barbecues with is okay.

If they won't touch you with the right hand, that is when you might start to worry. If someone comes at me with a knife, muslim or not, brown or not, he will be receiving some violence. How do I feel about muslims? I pity them all, and the ones who wish to destroy my country and kill me, I don't mind having my Marines kill them back.

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