Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Madness @ Work

One of the men at work is a standout in that he takes somewhat more-stringent-than-normal measures to prevent himself being in contact with other peoples' funky germs. For this post, we'll call him Germ Buddy (GB). I had thought this near-germophobia was common knowledge, but Listing Buddy didn't know. Well, LB found out today.

There is a sink where everybody washes their funky hands on the way to lunch or before/after they go to the pisser. LB cleaned the handle on the paper towel dispenser over the sink, dried it, cleaned it, and dried it again, and waited. Presently GB happened along, and LB told him to watch as he demonstrated the proper way to dispense paper towels. LB proceeded to grab the handle on the paper towel dispenser with is mouth and crank out some towels.

GB was duly disgusted and said so in no uncertain terms "most disgusting thing I've ever seen!" was part of the ensuing dialogue. LB wondered if he had ever been on the Internet.


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