Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't be Surprised!

Do not be surprised at anything that comes down from the government after they elected a Socialist to President of the United States.

Literally anything could be proposed or even enacted, and it ought not to be a surprise. Socialism and America are incompatible but that does not stop the Socialists trying to "radially transform" the nation. The most extreme, outlandish proposal is barely worth mention, because they are very likely to be acting in-character.

  • Talking like deficit hawks while proposing record-large budget deficits? Don't be surprised.
  • They force you to buy an overpriced health insurance policy you don't want or need? Don't be surprised.
  • Labor department tells Boeing where they can build airplanes because Socialists prefer uninonists? Don't be surprised.

    One could basically recite national headline news in this fashion, ending each line with the same sentence. Nothing is beyond their desire for control over the lives of men. At every new insanity, write your Elected Heroes and let them know you are still paying attention to the little things. The next chance to really make a huge difference comes in November, 2012. What are you going to do about it?
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