Friday, April 22, 2011

Too Much Is Never Enough

To go back to spending that was adequate during the administration of the previous President of the USA? Too much! Ridiculous! You want to kill women! You want to have old people eat dog food or starve!

Or, maybe, just maybe, the Tea Party types would like to not be paying a TRILLION dollars every year just to pay interest on the national debt? The Ryan budget proposal, by the way, only gets us down to 2/3 of a trillion, and that somehow, to me, doesn't quite cut the mustard.

But this here, as Mish says, is the proof of the pudding, showing that Ryan's $4T/10year budget cuts are nowhere near going far enough:

THIS is why the Tea Party sprung up as a true "grass roots" movement. Would you like to owe our neighbors and enemies $26T? howabout $23T? No? Then you need to be talking $12T/10year budget cuts, or you are wasting our time. See you in November, 2012.

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