Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Gots To Get Me One Of Them!

Austin, pushing a hundred million dollars short on next year's budget, just approved $4.4M to buy 176 Ford Crown Victorias. To be specific, they are probably Police Interceptor trim variants. At $25,000 each, that is a pretty good price and it is a relative STEAL if they are getting them with full patrol car kit (lights, paint, electronics, gun racks, cages, etc.) but don't be surprised if we only see THAT bill come in later.

And really, $4.4M isn't so much. They are talking about spending a BILLION-THREE on a rail line that nobody will use, and $50M on frivolous school junk! :shrug: well at least you'll be able to ride in the cars you are paying for, right? I mean, if you ask the right way, they will let you ride in the front . . . ask the wrong way, and they will make you ride in the back! :D

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