Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bondo Makes Yellow Eye-Boogers.

I slept in for a drastic change of a Saturday morning, then went out and looked at the Hot Rod, which has been squealing like a stuck muslim lately. The alternator I just rebuilt and the noise was therefore ONLY possibly coming from the water pump. The year-and-a-half-old "Made in China" water pump. The one that, on closer inspection, you can wiggle the pulley and feel the back bearing slapping loose in there. Great. The dealership of course wants 3x what the remanufactured units with lifetime warranties cost, so I called up the local parts house and ordered a rebuilt pump.

While I waited for it to be delivered, I did some bondo for the super-seekrit squirrel project for my Darling Wife. Build it up, sand it, lather rinse repeat. PILE of pink dust on the floor (LOL queer!) and a little all over me.

As I was leaving the parts house I rubbed my eyes and found both had big nasty crusty yellow boogers in the corners by the nose. Nice. I installed the water pump (a FOUR hour job) and did another round of bondo/block sanding. Now I find in my eyes . . . dirty sweat residue.

Eh. Maybe it was from the sleeping in, that I got the crusty eyes . . . but it was a weird thought for a while there.

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