Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That's Right, It Is Easy To Say.

I know somebody holding up the personal life of his mother and sister who are trying to get him out of jail. He was on parole and got busted for driving drunk. He was released and then had a court date, and when he got to the court they took him into custody for violating parole. I said they should maybe show him some tough love and let him set a spell in jail. The response:

It's soooo easy to say tough love when it's not your _______(insert relationship here) in trouble with a cop the judge and lawyer even say is acting out of the norm blah blah blah

Yeah, you know what? The only thing easier to do than to day is "breathe" and that's not very much harder to do than to say. EVERYTHING is easier to say than to do. You know what else? Your precious boy was driving drunk and its only the grace of God kept him from plowing into a family out for an evening stroll. F him, let him rot. You need somebody to sign a bond out for you? Sign your own bond and sober up!

And think about that _____(insert sentence here) you just cooled your heels the next time you're out with your pals and feel a little thirsty, you [deleted].

To those who sign out bonds on their repeat-offender family members to get them out of jail: Your soft heart is a sign of a soft head. You are enabling them to continue their dangerous behaviour. Knock it off. Nobody else wants to "help" because everybody else can plainly see IT'S NOT HELPFUL!

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