Friday, May 20, 2011

See You In Church On Sunday!

This is the first Very-Widely-Publicized incident in my living memory where a false prophet has called out the end of the world and I am on the ball enough to call B.S. on it. Everyone else is calling BS also. Many, very many, are making a great deal of fun of it. As they are right and the prediction is false, they are perfectly fine making fun of Camping's Date. But . . .

It feels bad, wrong somehow. It makes the chest hair stand up and the skin to crawl most uncomfortably to see and hear such (what sounds like on the surface) blatant apostasy(?) or religious skepticism, or whatever it is. It makes me uncoooooomfortable. Maybe because I know the end will come, but that it will not come tomorrow.

We are making fun of a man who is about to take a huge fall tomorrow. Fine. But let us remember: you do need to get right with Jesus, because the end is coming, and if you aren't a Christian, you're [deleted] forever.


Harold Camping is a false prophet AND a false teacher. When I was in California I would sometimes catch his show and he was promulgating the false doctrine that you can never know for certain you are on the way to Heaven after you die. He is wrong, according to a straight reading of the Bible. Click that link to find out how you can know you are going to Heaven.

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KurtP said...

If I remember my dates right, he also said - back in 1994 that the earth was ending then, too.

But, then again, I heard on Glen Beck today: that he's got his EOTWAWKT book going on sail tomorrow (Sat. 05-21-11) so it must be good for business.