Monday, May 23, 2011

Laws are for Little Countries.

We are dropping bombs on another country. The law says Congress has to authorize this sort of activity after a month or two, but Congress hasn't approved the meddling we are doing in Qaddafiland. We are not stopping the bombs, no, no, but we ARE breaking the law. OUR law. We are literally engaging in an illegal war and it's against OUR laws.

So now we are up against the "debt ceiling" We are about to be out of aces up our collective national sleeve and we have not stopped borrowing money like there's no last Saturday tomorrow. Here's a fun scenario for you: What happens if we run up against the harder (no more accounting tricks) debt ceiling and we don't authorize more debt . . . AND we don't stop spending like a drunken Marine?

Will we continue to borrow money from China, once it becomes an illegal appropriation?

Who would stop us? Who would there be to say "Halt"? I mean, beside the people, whose voice obviously can be ignored . . . .

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