Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Linux: Still Not Ready For Family Hour

This h'yer is my first post from a fresh crispy ubuntu linux installation on my formerly pirated-windows PC. One of the peeps I talk to online disagrees with me when I say that Linux is still not ready for prime time. It may be ready for the Adult Swim hours, but if your 8 year-old has to read instructions to go through the console (read: Command prompt) in order to play a game, IF the game will even run, it's a failure.

A commuter used to a little baby car with an automatic will drive a real-deal sports car off a cliff.

A would-be photographer, confronted with a "real" camera, will be lost without the manual

And a Windows user who tries to do something beside USE the computer, will be lost in Linux. The learning curve is a cliff.

For just using once it is set up, and ALL the needful programs and plugins and whatever is in place, assuming your program will run under the different operating systems, there is no difference between Linux and Windows. It's getting there that's the challenge.


I started piddling with Linux and discarded it in favor of DOS and Windows I think in the kernel 2.2 days and it is a LOT easier to set up than it used to be. Still not easy enough for grandma.

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