Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger was down yesterday/this morning for maintenance for HOURS! zOMG Whatever will people DO without their crack social media?! Maybe have to step away from the computer and speak to a fellow human? The HORROR!



KurtP said...

I didn't miss it. A huge wind came through with that storm Weds. and knocked down poles and wires all over Hondo, so we were out of internet until about 11PM last night.

Glad we have satellite cable.

Vote For David said...

You didn't miss it, I didn't miss it, but you know some people were in full-on crisis meltdown mode.

Man, come to think of it, how amazing is it that some people can be totally discombobulated because they lose one internet service for a few hours and halfway around the globe, nobody thinks twice that they only get electricity to their houses a few hours a day!