Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Political Aftermath of the Murder Killing

The President denied the world the ability to see photographic proof of the death of Osama Bin Laden because "we don't need to spike the football." Well, as one of the men at work said today, he did NOT say we won't engage in a little celebration on the sidelines.

So the President is trying to make re-election political hay with the killing of Bin Laden. He (or at least his willing accomplices) is also trying to gin up domestic policy support with ONE thing he allegedly got right. Charles Krauthammer nailed it and got the Quote of the Day yesterday but I was too busy to post:

"Because the president killed bin Laden, we should follow him into granting amnesty for illegal aliens. I would nominate it as the non-sequitur of the decade."

So keep on your toes and stay in contact with your Elected Heroes and remind them: Illegal aliens are less common than the rest the electorate, and part of the reason "some of you people" got waxed in the last couple of elections was the JOHN McCAIN led effort to grant amnesty to illegals under cover of comprehensive immigration reform

Comprehensive = including amnesty. Secure the border first, then we can talk about the rest of our national immigration policy. Contrary to what the Preisdent's teleprompter says, the border is open and routinely, increasingly violated by narco-terrorists and human traffickers. Don't be buffaloed!

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