Friday, May 13, 2011

Who will Blink?

Obamacare imposes HUGE changes on the businesses of people who want to be doctors paid by the government for their medical services. It does NOT pay them for the drastic overhaul of their businesses. And they are planning to pay LESS than the already-too-little the government pays private doctors. Apparently 90% of doctors think this is total B.S. and are refusing to play marbles with Obamacare.

If you are forced to buy health insurance at outlandish cost (or pay a hefty fine) so you can be a patient in the government system . . . AND the doctors basically ALL REFUSE to participate in the system . . . where do you go for medical care?

How is THIS expanding health care availability? Oh that's right, it's not designed to make it easier for you to get health care (or even health care insurance). It's designed to crush private medical practice right out of the United States. Gotcha. You're right on target then, Uncle Sam.

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