Monday, May 2, 2011

Madness @ Work

It takes a certain sort of person to stay working where I work. Turnover is high enough that it can be a waste of effort to try to get to know someone we just got from the temp. agency. We would like to have a solid crew of permanent staff, but some people just can't cut it.

So we have a new Front Office Girl. A week or so after she came to work here, she said I hadn't introduced myself. I explained the above to her. She thought it was funny, which was a good sign she might stick around for a while. Fast forward a month.

FOG: So I've officially been here 5 weeks and you haven't introduced yourself.
VFD: I totally did! Like weeks ago!
FOG: You totally didn't!
VFD: Okay, "HI', I"m VFD." ::extends hand to shake hands::
FOG: AAH! It's all soapy!
FOG: ::goes back to desk::

She accosted me and wanted an introduction when I was washing my hands. What was I to do, be rude and not introduce myself?

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