Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting Ready For The Next Guy

I'm going to be nice to whoever loots/moves into my house after tonight and mow the lawn in a minute. ::sigh:: I am really looking forward to the time when #2 gets old enough to carry the weedwhacker and push the mower. Some of my earliest memories (my memory: not so hot) are wondering why I had to push the lawn mower across the yard when the "lawn" was just dirt and it kicked up clouds of dust. The push bar was about chest-high and I had to really lean into it to get the thing to go. Which reminds me: allergy pills and face mask here I come!

Update 4 hours later: Briggs & Stratton reliable starting system not so much. Cleaned out the carb., gas tank, air filter, changed oil . . . couple of HOURS later, lawn was getting mowed. Then I sprayed poison in the cracks around the house because [deleted] bugs.

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