Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Tell a Bleeding Hemmorhoid From Colon Cancer

  • If you just finished a bowel movement
  • And you passed a hard stool with pointy bits in it
  • And you had to strain
  • And it hurt to pass the stool
  • And your toilet paper has blood on it
  • And you wipe with an antiseptic alcohol prep pad
  • And it feels like somebody stabbed your bunghole with a needle in one or two spots
  • You may have a bleeding hemorrhoid.
  • Do not ask me how I know this.

This is totally different to colon cancer. I know a man who had spots of blood on his toilet tissue for a while but thought it was just a hemmoroid. It didn't stop, so he went to his doctor and got 'scoped. And sliced open and sewed back up less a short section of guts. If you have a couple drops of blood after a stool, drink more water, eat more fiber, and get some sleep. If it doesn't stop, see a doctor.

You could die.

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