Wednesday, May 25, 2011


~wherein I use bad words~

The idiot box is on for background noise in the house and some fool left it on CSPAN2. They are talking about regulating prescription drugs. I know a lot of it is piss in the wind, but . . . when people are agreeing with each other that maybe we should limit the amount of pain killers to (e.g.) 3 days' worth after a wisdom tooth extraction with an option to refill the prescription, there is a problem. Of course it's D(imwit) Senator Blumenthal nodding his head along with this example as if it makes some kind of sense.

Let's be clear: This is fucking America, and if you think it is okay to not give enough pain killers to kill all my pain after a major surgery, you need to be shot so somebody can deny you all the pain killer you need. When I got all four of my wisdom teeth out, I spent a good solid week bombed out of my mind on whatever they gave me at the dispensary. I have no idea what happened that week but evidently I didn't starve to death. I for damn sure (I think? I dunno, I was high) was in no kind of shape to be driving out to the dispensary again three days later.

I could give a god-damn if you don't like that I should have excess drugs sitting unused in my medicine cabinet. Keep on with the DEA "takeback" days if you like, but limiting patients' necessary medication so as to prevent the maybe possibly hypothetically possibly maybe access of some unauthorized user to those drugs is asinine and anti-American.

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