Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Schwarznegger Screwed California

When Gray-out Davis we being kicked out of office as Governor of California, I was hopeful that a conservative candidate who was running would win. Then along came Ahnold and he walked away with it on the R(ino) ticket solely on name recognition. The state was plunged into insolvency and he didn't stop it. If the other guy had won, maybe things would have been different. We'll never know, and now they're back to Governor Moonbeam, to my moderate astonishment. Governor Brown is busily doing his darnedest not to fix the problem while giving the impression of Doing Something.

The Governator, while he was still "only" the Terminator, sired a bastard child on his domestic help. Then he was elected. Then he left office and FINALLY revealed that he was a philanderer. If this information had been known before the election, he quite possibly would have lost. California could have had a solid conservative for her Governor instead of the Governator.

So they're even more screwed than they were, because the candidates' dirty laundry was not all out on the line. In some comedies written before color movies came around, all the heroes die and the reader is left thinking "Dang that sucks!"

Welcome to the party, pal.

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