Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hit Or Miss Wildlife Management

In Texas, if you kill a deer on your own land you're supposed to tell the State about it so they can "manage" the statewide deer population better. Ditto if you run one down with your car. The deer population in Texas is apparently under control if you don't count the neighborhoods where the rich people feed, then complain about, then don't want anyone shooting the deer.

Wild hogs, OTOH are totally out of control. The State just said you can shoot them from helicopters, even. And I'm still waiting for someone to invite me on a hog hunt.

Once upon a time, upon one private island off the coast of California, the deer were not managed properly. The soft-headed owner of the island let them breed unchecked and disallowed hunting. There were more and more deer, until one year there were too many. The next year there were none.

And in New Zealand rabbits are hurting the farmers . . . so here is a bar offering half price beer if you bring in four rabbits.

Managing wildlife: not easy, but sometimes hey, half price beer!

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