Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Daddy Like This One Also: Wilson Combat 7.62x40mm WT for the AR

I've said before that I want an AR chambered in .30-06 but the same size as its poodle-shooter brethren. Well, at least this one is .30 caliber. It has a slight power edge (theoretically) over 6.8x45 Kramer, but both of them hang their heads in shame at the powder capacity of the .30-06. Power from the new 7.62x40mm WT is just over half what you get out of "God's Own Cartridge" but (like the Kramer round) another third again higher than 5.45 NATO.

The weapons platform is mature and reliable. Still we are shooting needles from it, because it's easier than changing and the .223 is "good enough" for most social work. Meh. If I was kingudawoild . . . oh, well. Fortunately, this Wilson round is likely to have lots of support and a small-but-enthusiastic mainstream following, unlike the Kramer round which remains a wildcat.

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