Thursday, May 5, 2011


My Darling Wife had the Zoo out of the house all evening, and I was working on getting the garage cleaned up. I came in to the empty house and pressed the power button on the idiot box. Our televisor takes several seconds to boot up or whatever it does, and I completely forgot that I had pushed the switch. I went in to the kitchen to get some food.

I was halfway into getting some bacon* unwrapped, and I started hearing noises. Men's voices and strange noises. I was going for the release on my sidearm's holster, wondering WTH was going on but ready** to do violence. Then I heard another half-tick of the noises and realized the frikken television had come on.In related news, there is a show on the Discovery channel about hunting feral hogs in urban settings, and THAT of all things came on and almost got me going.

So. No harm, no foul . . . but WHY are these people relocating hogs? SRSLY you are capturing and relocating feral hogs instead of turning them into bacon? Hey, bacon! . . . now there's* a coincidence! No, they did turn one into bacon because it was blind and deaf from fights and would be even more of a hazard than the average boar.

. . . and I'm still waiting to be invited on a hog hunt . . .

**Yes, ready. If you are not, you need to change your mind.

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