Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fish Food Smells Fishy

They get a pass on:
1) Gunfighting OBL turns into unarmed OBL. Fog of war and initial reports confused.
2) Human shield wife turns into somebody else's wife attacking the assault team. Fog of war and initial reports confused.
3) Dumping him in the sea: No shrine to visit, no body to worship*
4) Not releasing the video - it prevents the release of criminal evidence, see point 14

They get a WTF on:
5) There is no video from the time the operators were actually in the building. The most crucial part is missing; we don't know why. SRSLY?
6) They will not release the death photos because the opinion of people at war with us is more important than the opinion of the citizens of our country
7) The body is forever gone, if they did what they claimed. No independent verification of death is possible, ever.

The rumor mills churn on:
8) Leon Panetta allegedly was the one to give the order to go - Obama couldn't make up his mind
9) The DNA test really only says: it is 1000 times more likely to have been a Bin Laden family member than a random person
10) The body was dumped to hide the freezer burn, or the fact that it was not OBL's body

Time will tell on:
11) Who else got photos? Somebody got photos of dead bodies around the compound and sold them to the Associated Press
12) Who will talk? Dozens to hundreds of people handled the body or were near it. Can they ALL resist going on Oprah? Will they be believed? Or silenced?

They look real bad on:
13) No proof has been provided to anyone in the public at-large. All you and I have to go on is their word that he is dead.
14) We sent operators into a foreign country with which we are not at war, to go after a man who was not condemned in a court of law and who was apparently not an imminent threat to anyone, anywhere, kicked his door in and shot him while he was unarmed. In some peoples' lexicons this is murder.


*Does it make me a bad person that I would like to see video of two menstruating women slinging Bin Laden off the BOW of a ship after a three-count? You take his hands, I'll take his legs, one . . . two . . . and under the keel and chopped into chum by the propellers . . .

Quotes of the Day:
"We don't need to spike the football"
"This is not who we are"
"The corpse is not a trophy"
"would endanger national security"

So here is what you are left with (for now): The Dear President says: I know he's dead. I've seen the photos and the DNA evidence. I saw the video. That is enough for you little people. What more could you want beside the word of your ruler President? I am superior to you, and my intellectual curiosity being satisfied is enough to satisfy yours, because shut up. No body for you. No photos for you. The video, it never existed. And no further comments will be forthcoming. Thanks again for voting Democrat.

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