Friday, July 30, 2010

Less Is Not An Option.

This is yet another example of a problem that is ubiquitous in America during the current economic depression. City, state, and national government agencies with the power to destroy tax are increasing their rates of taxation. They have to, you see. Tax revenues are falling because you are spending less money on everything. They, of course, never could spend less, even though you are being bled dry. Less is not an option. It is only, always, more!

It's sickening, really. You are making do with less, but we have to expand the library. You stopped going out to eat, but the cafeteria for the bums downtown on the city dole needs more money. Your car is broken down but we have to re-pave the perfectly good street by the Mayor's house (again) because it stimulates the economy. It's your money they want. Are you involved in seeing you get to keep more of it? Fewer than 2000 people took part in Austin's online budget wish-list survey. That's something like 1%. That means nobody cares. Heck, why not spend more? I mean if YOU don't care, why should your State government? What's the worst that could happen? It's not like they'll repossess the State Capitol when you default on the bonds issued to pay for it, right? LOL


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