Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Shutterbug Is Born?

#2 came with me to stop by my workplace today so I could do some "I'm not working for a while" type paperwork, as well as to pick up some stuff I wanted to bring home. I stopped by the recycle pile and happened to spot a cheezy old digital camera. I grabbed it and showed him how opening the lens cover pops up the flash. He played with that for the next hour or so, "taking pictures" left and right.

What kind of camera is it? The old, inexpensive kind. The kind that we probably lost money on, as a company, during the time it took to look it up and decide it is Low Grade Scrap, and walk it over to the recycle pile. 1.3Megapixels. We got home and decided to toss some batteries in it, on the off chance it might work.

It does. 100%. And it had a memory card in it. I've got a card reader for that old school memory card, and we've already downloaded half a card full of pictures to a folder on the PC with his name on it. The only time he didn't have his finger on the shutter button was when we made him stop shooting so he didn't catch a candid of Mommy feeding the baby. I downloaded and printed out the manual and quick start guide for it from the manufacturer's website (well down the Legacy Products support page).

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. We'll see how he likes it in the long run, but for now he's got a toy he actually put away, he cares for it that much. I know at least 4 people making full or part-time livings as photographers. How cool would it be if this was his "first camera?" :)

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