Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So what if Texas is going to build a race track so a billionaire can get richer?
So what if British Petroleum released a terrorist under false pretenses so they could drill in Libya?

I've got a vise clamped on my head and the pills aren't loosening it fast enough. It rains, and the mold says "that's sporific!" and here I go. I don't even have to look at the counts to tell why I am hurting. Anything over 500 and I notice it. Over a thousand hurts and I have to medicate my head . . .

No blogging during such times. Call me again in a day, when I've had about half a gram of pseudoephedrine in little tiny doses. If they ever start making noises about banning sudafed outright, I'm going to have to get my friends and neighbors to make some straw purchases for me so I can stock up. Or leave Central Texas, one. . .

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