Monday, July 26, 2010

Speak For Yourself There, Pal!

~or, Falling for The Trap~

Laura Ingraham has left her job and children behind to go on a promotional tour for her new book. Today she had a stand-in host who mentioned a story I had previously ignored on purpose. It seems some neonazis are doing the jobs the American (government) people won't do, and finally the MSM has a finger to point.

So anyway, this host says '"You" don't want some white supremacist neo nazi group patrolling the border with guns!' My response (to the radio) was: "Sure I do!" Look, I don't care if it's the Black Japanese Nazi Transgendered Transexual Lesbians for Jesus down on the border, I want SOMEBODY on the border, with GUNS, to keep murderous drug gangs out of the United States of America! Let them wear white hoods and strap-on 'marital aids', just so long as they hold down the fort!


This is a trap. It's a ruse, even. President Obama wants to have amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens before the next Presidential election, and the only way to make it happen is to get a bill passed before the next Congressional election. The press is to happy to try to get you to want to side with the President on immigration issues. The President's side is "we are not going to enforce the border without you (Republicans) granting amnesty to the people who cross it illegally." The press, therefore, has to do something difficult. They have to convince 85% of the nation (who are against illegal immigration) that they are wrong. One way to convince you that you are wrong is to conflate your right-headed conclusions with wrong-headed people who share the same conclusions. Follow the bouncing ball:

  • These guys are racists and nazis and bad
  • These guys want armed patrols on the border so bad they are doing it themselves
  • You are not a racist and nazi and bad
  • Therefore, you do not want to prevent drug gangs from entering the country to spread the drug wars farther north!

    It sounds ridiculous when it is actually spelled out, but that is the subtext when news like this (the story I deliberately didn't write about the day it crossed the wires) is published.

    They have been looking so hard for somebody who is against the President's agenda to be a genuine racist, and then this (very small) group of people is discovered. Here we have genuine racists doing things that sound vaguely illegal and scary, and you really don't want to be associated with them, now do you? Of course not! Now, just come back over to the "don't enforce the border" side of the aisle and vote Democrat yes on amnesty as part of comprehensive immigration reform!

    The reason this is a bad choice of examples for the MSM is that the persons in question are not right-wingers. They are National Socialist types (Nazis = National Socialist Party). Socialism is the far-LEFT side of the political spectrum. Socialism is the same part of the political spectrum where you find President Obama, and even amongst THOSE people you find enough patriotism to want the border enforced! Do NOT be intimidated away from the message by this story.

    What's the message?

    ENFORCE THE BORDER before you even start talking about immigration reform. Shut it off to illegal aliens on foot as well as in trucks driven by coyotes, and push the drug wars back South where they came from. Do it in a verifiable way, and give it a year or two. THEN we'll start talking about speeding up the legal immigration process. You don't get to mix the two into one bill. I had rather hoped the last immigration reform bill's crushing defeat (due to popular outrage) a few years ago would have taught a few Democrats the message, but as Hannity says: There ARE NO moderate Democrats these days.
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