Friday, July 2, 2010

Unemployment Insurance Money Is A CRUTCH!

Speaker Pelosi, being afflicted with a mental disorder (liberalism) is to be pitied when she says stupid things. Our nation of course is to be pitied for having such a woman in a high position. She says unemployment 'benefit' money stimulates the economy. The Republicans are superbad because they want to take this stimulating money away from the formerly-working, now merely poor, poor working stiffs out there. For some reason the "stimulus" money which was already appropriated (for TARP) but not spent, can't be put toward paying for the extension of unemployment benefits, because -why? Is adding to the national debt is a positive good in itself or something? We MUST appropriate (borrow) more money to give out unemployment checks, why exactly? Please NOTE: Those are HER Democrats preventing paying for these billions of dollars of 'stimulating' unemployment checks, because they don't want to spend billions of dollars that have not been spent for another crooked bailout scheme. Shades of Sgt. Rizzo.

Somehow, if money is taken at gunpoint from employed people and filtered through the Government, with perhaps a little off the top, and given to the poor poor pitiful poor people, that stimulates the economy. But if the actual "working man" people are allowed to keep their obscene profits, and leave them in a bank for the bank to invest and/or lend out, or if they spend their capitalist pig profits, the money of the employed people somehow wouldn't stimulate the economy? If 100% of us were on unemployment checks, would that stimulate the economy 100%? Who then would be paying for it? Why, the same people as are paying for the currently unemployed living on borrowed (from China) money: your children and grandchildren!

So your unemployment runs out. You tap out your savings, you run out of favors from your family, and your credit cards are maxed out. Or maybe just your unemployment runs out. What do you do? You go out and get a frikken JOB that's what. Then you have money to spend. So maybe you have to work two jobs. Maybe you have to do "the work Americans won't do" in order to make ends meet. Then what? Then nothing. You're employed, but you don't like your job. You knew you wouldn't like it, which is why you waited TWO YEARS to go out and get a job. But you didn't have to work while the unemployment checks kept coming. Now you have to get a crappy job, so you do. What were you leaning on for those two years, which prevented you from/allowed you to avoid working? The largesse of your fellow citizen, a.k.a.

a crutch.

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