Thursday, July 29, 2010

Listening Between The Lines:

I don't watch TV but my talking heads play the sound bytes for me, and I heard all of the following with my own two ears. If you listened closely to the interview the President just gave to a woman's gab show on national television, you heard:

  • He completely dodged the question "is America a racist country?"
  • He admitted people in his administration moved too quickly to fire Sherrod*.
  • Amusingly, he had an old fashioned Freudian slip and admitted that he and his wife have sub-optimal attitudes when it comes to race relations in America.
  • ETA: oh, he also called blacks "a mongrel people" which would be political death to any lighter-colored person. But they elected him for being black, and he likely can say anything the rappers say (hint: mongrel is mild in comparison) and still get a bunch of racist blacks to vote for his skin color.


    That would be the same Sherrod who was appointed to a high position in the USDA by the administration of The Obama after a racist lawsuit against the USDA. The one who said Breitbart wants us to go back to the times of slavery, and that he has never tried, and is not interested in getting past black vs. white, unlike her. Because she is an expert on Breitbart even though she never heard of him before two weeks ago. The Sherrod who is suing Breitbart for libel for using her own words as a public servant. That Sherrod is the one to whom I refer, in case you had any doubt.
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