Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adjust Your LCD Monitor (Properly!)

You will visit this LCD Monitor Test Images page at and read the directions. You will adjust your monitor's settings in accordance with the directions on each page. You will then write the settings down on an index card in case some helpful individual comes along and changes them for you. Tape the card to the back of your monitor.


I stare at a computer screen about 1/2 of my work day, and half of that is graphics work. I must have a computer monitor that is properly set up. It makes me crazy a little, when the adjustments are off a little. If the adjustments are off a lot, I will change them, even if it is someone else's machine. Most people will not notice, if they are not right there watching me do the adjustments.

We were (thanks Jesus) just given a flat panel monitor for use at the house. My previous monitor was a lovely CRT which plays nicely with the analog video output of my PC. This is an LCD, and . . . well, it was unsatisfactory. While my computer was running security scans on itself in the background (you DO run Spybot on all your computers, RIGHT?) I was adjusting my new monitor. It is finally, barely, satisfactory.

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