Sunday, July 25, 2010

Arizona Law Working Great, Still Not Even Implemented!

This speaks volumes about the complete contempt that the Federal government has had for the past couple of decades for 1/3 of our country (borders, language, culture).

The mere threat of enforcement of a law that mirrors Federal law, when Federal law has been an open joke all these years, is enough to send hundreds of thousands of people packing. I would link up the Yahoo!/Reuters article on the subject but it's full of misleading phrasing and half-truths so I'll leave the link out. It's not even worth the trouble to fisk the article but this will give you an idea of the quality, 100% pure unbiased journalism:
"It makes me sad and angry too because I feel I have the right to be here"

Well [deleted] welcome to my world baby. I've been sad and angry that you and your parents flouted the law and disrespected my country for so long. Don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out.


As I was telling my Darling Wife this morning: this is what you get when victims of the government schools go to Journalism School so that they can "make a difference."

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