Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wal-Mart Tracking Tags On Clothing: Not a Problem.

Well, a minor problem. Wal-Mart is the 800lbs gorilla, and if they want something from a supplier they usually get it. This time they want the suppliers to put an extra-cost tag on the clothing they sell to Wal-Mart. What, Wal-Mart can't put them on when they take delivery? Oh well, anyway, the main concern people have is privacy.

This is a non-issue. You don't want to be tracked in your underwear and jeans purchases when you leave the store? Take the tag off. Better yet, make an angry phone call and demand that corporate policy says the tags come off at the check stand. Then it is literally no different from the antitheft tags currently on the clothes.

The real problem comes years down the road. When you are driving down the road with a box of generic cookies in your trunk, and an ad comes up on an active billboard (or worse, your cell phone or car navigation display) about how the name brand is better than the generic. I'm for manual checkout machines and cars without traction control, but if you won't demand more of people you have to invent new ways to compensate for their foibles. Of those, this is one. Demand better, or get used to the idea.

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