Friday, July 9, 2010

Uncle Says: Stay Informed!

I get my news from several sources, some of which are not primary sources. Say Uncle is one of my favorite aggregators of headline news regarding firearms and the right to bear them. He also does libertarianish, family, and cooking stuff, etc. If you aren't hitting up Say Uncle once in a while, you have missed, in the last two days, among other interesting stories:

  • The Brady Campaign to Prevent Handgun ownership Violence admits you have a right to a handgun.
  • Typically left-leaning NPR says: "Strict gun-control policies have failed to deliver on their essential promise . . . no surprise, since gun control has always been about control, not guns."
  • Louisiana lets churches decide whether or not to allow patrons to carry arms in them
  • Getting around Pennsylvania's "may-issue" gun permitting system
  • . . . and a case of flagrant discrimination in a different "may-issue" jurisdiction

  • A man who helped lay the groundwork for McDonald comments on the lessons to be learned from the case
  • The groundwork to restrict our newly-incorporated rights has begun
  • The lawsuits to defend our newly incorporated rights has also begun
  • The other side is getting silly, saying the supreme Court is fomenting insurrection
  • . . . but neither you nor anyone you know is buying their story
  • Victory in the area of gun rights may be coming, but it is slow going

  • A few thousand good reasons why you really do "need" a rifle

  • As well as links to pictures of beautiful guns
  • . . . and even links to contests where you might win one for yourself
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