Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Of What's Wrong? That's What's Needed!

In some communities, small and large, the wages and benefits for Police and Fire departments are eating half to 70% of the budget. Those benefits were generally agreed to by cities which were sitting across the table from UNIONized police negotiators. In yet another industry we see the strange attitude of the modern union: "Pay our dues and if you lose your job, blame your boss and not the union rules that made him want to fire you." Small towns have started to disband their police forces and rely on (cheaper, retirement-obligation free) contracts with Sherrif's associations.

So, at a time when it is increasingly obvious that unionized public safety organizations are a huge part of the problem, what does Harry Reid want? NATIONAL Union Rules. You think it's hard to fire a bad cop now, wait until the local union is based in D.C.! Think negotiations for pay are tough? Think time-off rules are ridiculous? This is one of the worst ideas possible. Election 2010 can't come soon enough.

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