Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daquan Wilson, Goblin, Dead at 18. Good.

There has been a shooting death in the city (my the city) and this is big time news around here as it (almost) never happens. Rule 4 was violated big-time and it resulted in the death of a teenager who should probably have been arrested instead.

  • Stepdad goes to park to take AWOL teenaged stepdaughter home
  • Stepdad gets in oral confrontation with punk friend of stepdaughter
  • Stepdad receives phone call asking where he lives, and then a threat that whoever opened his front door would be shot
  • Pounding on front door ensues shortly, with a half-dozen church choir boys   perfect angels   boys with promising futures  [deleted] THUGS talking about killing Stepdad outside the house
  • Stepdad fires 15 shots THROUGH the front door to scare off the door pounders.
  • One of the pounders is pronounced DOA at an area hospital.
  • Stepdad faces felony manslaughter charges.

    This looks like it was a Bad Shoot. Bad situation also, sure, and I'd probably give him a no-bill and then a lecture on The Four Rules, but it's still a Bad Shoot.

    Stepdad should have called the cops at least twice during the above sequence. Probably also should have left Stepdaughter's mom alone to begin with. Now he's in a heap of trouble. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that because the News hasn't said, and judging from the decedent's name and the skin color of the shooter (victim) whose photograph was published, all the idiots pounding on this poor man's door were likely BLACK. Yes BLACK. It's racist, I know. I'm a horrible racist for pointing out once again that in some places there is a horrible systemic problem in American black culture. You go ahead and tell me Daquan Wilson had a good, loving relationship with a father who is a well-rounded individual himself, and I'll show you a bridge I happen to have for sale.

    Note to the family and friends of the decedent: your boy was a piece of [deleted] and the world is very likely better off without him. Seriously. Who goes threatening to kill their girlfriend's stepdad in his own home, and is not simultaneously a worthless piece of trash? Hmm? What, because you personally liked him he was a Good Person who should not be shot when he is pounding on a man's door threatening to kill him? No, he's a Goblin.

    One less. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Cindy said...

    DQ! That's what I love about Texas. (sorry, I couldn't resist). You don't go pounding on a man's door shouting violence and not expect some violence in return. Charges against the "shooter" should be reduced to something petty such as unsafe discharge of a firearm, slap his hand, and let's get on with our lives with one less goblin around.

    Vote For David said...

    No Cindy, this was a Bad Shoot. This is a fine example of why we should teach people about proper use of guns, and proper NON-use, starting when they are children.

    This guy should properly have had the Police on the way as soon as he saw the thugs roll up to his house. He should also have waited until they started gaining forcible entry to his domicile before shooting.

    The "fatal funnel" doesn't just work against Good Guys. If you've got 15 rounds and 6 intruders, and the intruders come in at a kicked-in door, those are half-decent odds for someone who is half-decent trained in the use of arms.

    Of course, even better would be 30 rounds with a 3-round burst setting, but that is too effective to let you people have at home . . .

    Jaclyn said...

    I really don't know why this is site even exists! To david AND cindy you two are both horid people and I pray to GOD that you may have a kinder heart! You obviously are short minded and don't realize that daquan is no longer here and no matter if you knew him (which you obviously didn't) or not its still a sad story to hear someone pass away and espicially in such a voilent way. I would advice you both to keep quiet if you didn't know anyone invovled personally. Daquan will never be forgotten!

    Vote For David said...

    In reverse order:

    It is my sincere hope that Daquan will never be forgotten. He is an exemplar: behave in a way that leads people to think you are about to kill them, and you might be killed yourself. I wish more people would remember Daquan's example.

    Your advice is welcome. That's what we say in a place where unpopular speech is recognized as a right in the basic law of our land. I posit, however, that not knowing the principals is not the same as being unqualified or even ill-advised to speak on a subject. Are you unqualified to talk about Bush's War if you never were in the military? Is President Obama unqualified to run the country because he never ran a hot dog stand? These questions are debatable because we enjoy freedom of speech in America.

    Obviously Daquan is dead. Duh? I believe I pointed that out already. Sure it's sad. It's a personal tragedy for him and possibly for his family as well. His parents' (well his momma's) efforts are wasted, and what's worse he's very likely in Hell for eternity. Nobody's happy about that. But there is one less person going about banging doors and uttering death threats since Daquan died. That is a good thing for everyone else in the world.

    I have one of the kindest hearts you will ever encounter. It is wrapped in a steel shell because the world is a nasty place. It is not made any better when you go calling strangers with valid arguments 'horrid people.'

    This site exists, as I have said before, both for my own amusement and as an outlet for my opinions that does not annoy my Darling Wife. Feel free to not read it if you don't like what you see.


    By the way, the victim in this case did receive a no-bill from the Grand Jury and will not be going to jail. He had to move due to deteriorated neighborhood relations, and is still wide-open for a civil suit, but at least he won't be branded as a felon for the rest of his life.

    Phillip said...

    I have no problem with guns, I have a problem with ignorant people with firearms. You obviously lack reading comprehension, the article says that DQ wasn't even at the park, only that he was there at the front door. You make all these assumptions about the kid and the article never states anything but him being in the wrong place, with the wrong crowd. That doesn't make DQ a hoodlum, and no one deserves to have their life taken. You speak ill of a dead KID you know nothing of.

    Vote For David said...

    Sure, being at the front door of a house where your dumbass "friends" are pounding on the door telling whoever might be inside they are going to kill them, that's nothing like the wrong place OR the wrong crowd. You're totally right. I mean, just the other day I was hanging out with some other choir boys from church and all of a sudden we were robbing a bank! It happens, I know, I know. Probably, it was an accident that he was screaming death threats at some guy inside his house while a gang of thugs pounded on the door.

    Goats have kids. People have children. Children are under twelve. Over twelve is a young man, and in this case a young man who made fatally stupid decisions about where to go, with whom, and to do what.