Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Phrase: Van Jonesed

When someone is known to be a kook, but they keep it out of the public eye, they are tolerated and/or celebrated in positions of power. When someone is EXPOSED as a kook, and then public outcry causes them to be fired, they are said to have been Van Jonesed.
-Coined by Laura Ingraham this morning on her radio show, talking about the racist recently unemployed by the Department of Agriculture.

The firing was reported to be in accordance with the will of The Obama. Now Gibbs has apologized to her, and she has accepted. The secretary of agriculture has asked for her forgiveness and offered her another job. The forgiveness she grants, the job she is pondering.

Should she have been pressured to resign? Maybe not, as it turns out.
Should she have held that position in the first place? No.

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