Saturday, July 24, 2010

Madness @ Work!

I was using compressed air (regulated at an OSHA-mandated 35PSI) to blow off some dusty equipment. CB walked by . . .

CB: You want to use a mask for that VFD?
VFD: *gasp* I'm holding my breath.
CB: No, I meant so I wouldn't have to see your face! LOL
VFD: LOL thanks CB very funny
VFD: I'll remember that when I'm walking by your car LOL


I was carrying a heavy water pump to a scale in TA's area. He says, in a tone and with body language which tell me he would help, but he thought I had it, so not offering any help . . .

TA: That looks pretty heavy VFD
VFD: (wrestles glove out from under pump motor, looks at scale head) Nah, only 97lbs.

RH walks up to ask me an unrelated question . . .

RH: You shouldn't be picking that up like that, OSHA would throw a fit!
VFD: Then I really shouldn't have been picking up those 181lbs ones over there! (points to 181lbs pumps)
RH: !!!

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