Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Madness @ Work!

CG took his wife to a Cedar Park, Texas city office so she could conduct some business. The day was rainy, so he and his 10 year-old son stayed in the car. Be advised that CB is as white as rice. He was sitting there for an hour and a half, and saw repeated instances of city employees taking 1/2-hour smoke breaks. One female employee took no fewer than FOUR smoke breaks in an hour and a half. But that's not the madness part.

They called the cops on him. A guy sitting in the PASSENGER seat of a car in your office parking lot with a little kid in the backseat, and you call the cops on him? The chick cop asked what he was doing there, and she didn't much appreciate it when he told her he was affiliated with Al Quaeda, and Cedar Park is the next big target. She reportedly had the wind taken out of her sails when, in reply to "Do you have any warrants, sir?" CB replied "I've never been arrested in my life."

Here's a clue: get on down to actually conducting city business and the guy waiting in the car for your slow [deleted] to help his wife won't bother you by hanging out in the parking lot! Your taxpayer dollars hard at work, Cedar Parkers. I told CB he should get a little video camera and film these highly dedicated SLACKERS, then send the film to the Mayor and the local news outlets, and ask them why these people aren't working, if they are drawing a city salary and I'm paying city pension benefits for them.


garima said...

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Vote For David said...

I recommend against clicking a link in a folder called "images" with a .pdf file extension, and will not be clicking on your link, sorry.


garima, Those particular men (and women) are paid to conduct the business of the state with tax dollars. Tax dollars are taken from their fellow citizens at gunpoint by the State. Those State employees who spend half the day smoking and the other half with their phone off the hook are committing the functional equivalent of MURDER on their fellow man. If a private employer, paying wages from legitimate profits, wants people to socialize at work, that is their prerogative. I demand that the State's employees conduct ONLY State business, if the State is stealing my very life to pay for the business to be conducted. Let them socialize on their own (life)time.

As we are trading links today here is one of mine: The Rights to Life and Property


I have just re-read that "rights" article I linked above. Aside from one extra-letter typographical error, I agree wholeheartedly with the whole thing, and am rather proud, in fact, that it was I who wrote it!