Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Surely you have heard by now how, across several "journalistic" companies, there was an ACTUAL conspiracy to quash the story about Rev. Wright during the recent Presidential campaign. That, opposed to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy comprising most of the country full of normal-thinking people merely thinking alike.

Well, just now I was reminded of the conspiracy when I saw a Yahoo! News headline saying how Obamacare was going to force changes to many employer-sponsored health insurance programs. Ding ding, that means changes to the policies. Changes to the policy means . . . drumroll . . . you don't get to keep your existing plan. You won't be grandfathered in. So I clicked the link from Yahoo's web page and got:


Okay, then. Click the first link with the same title, and I get:


Well I'm glad that's been cleared right up! Sure, the next link with the same title (down the first page) went to AN article, but not THE original article. It makes me reflexively wonder what thing they said which made Obama look bad, that they immediately pulled the article down.

Journalistic integrity. Right.

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