Thursday, July 29, 2010

Legislative Grenades

This country is being turned into a place where sanity and legislation do not coincide.

I heard on the radio news today that my company will not have to make a special room where lactating "mothers" can go express breast milk. It's not that we have four women amongst 24 men, none of whom are in the market for children (much less with infants). It's not that we already have small, private, out-of-the-way rooms where milk might be expressed. No, it's because we have fewer than 50 employees, and we may be able to demonstrate that it would be an excessive hardship for us to construct a room for the sole purpose of providing lactating women privacy to express their milk. Thanks Obamacare!

Also: the "most open and honest" Congress EVAR just passed 2000 pages of financial regulatory "reforms." I called this one: liberty crushing by way of making the financial regulatory reform body completely opaque to the people. A Christian will understand that the only reason to NOT want accountability in government is so the government can engage in evil deeds.

Citizen: Securities and Exchange Commision employee, I would like to know about this scandalous thing that's going on please.
SEC Lackey: Tough. We're not talking.
Citizen: Freedom of Information Act Request SERVED! Answer up!
SEC Lackey: We're not talking and you can't make us.
Citizen: Why?
SEC Lackey: We reformed that.

THIS is fundamental change. Obama did promise fundamental change. Going from "you have to tell us what our government is doing" to "you don't have to tell us jack [deleted]" is change.

Is this the change you were hoping for?

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