Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unabated Insanity Update

I dropped completely off the grid there for a couple of days, maintaining physical security of #4 in a hospital without an internet cafe or radios in the rooms. I took a quick drive to get some baby stuff, and in 2 minutes' listening to the radio I heard:

Bill Clinton completely excused Robert Bird for being a Klansman, because that's just what one had to do in order to be elected in those days. Then he went on doing great things for the People like opposing civil rights and bankrupting the country. Yeah, great, thanks. . . . and good riddance.

Congress may not pass a budget for the next year. They don't want to have an open discussion of the type a bill would receive, because then you would know how much of a train wreck Obama has made of our national economy. Instead it is rumored they may "deem" a budget passed. Sure, why not.

Also in the "sure why not" category: 52% of the bailout money has not been spent. They were saving it for what, Christmas? The Democrats have repeatedly refused to spend this money on extensions of unemployment benefits, and now comes word they may try to bail out the State budgets (read: state UNION budgets) with the bailout money. Quite literally robbing private taxpayers to pay exorbitant union obligations during an economic depression.

If you voted for Obama just remember: the mid-term elections for Democrats will be held December 1st, 2010.

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